Custom Painting Disclaimer

As a customer/client/agent/stockist of Sunshine Crafters you hereby accept the following terms and conditions regarding custom Diamond-dot Paintings:

Should you submit a picture that is copyrighted (ie: the image does not belong to you), you will accept full responsibility if the original artist chooses to file a complaint or enforce legal action. 

We strongly suggest obtaining copyrights before proceeding with your submission. 

Sunshine Crafters will not be held responsible for backlash over the client/customer promoting/displaying/advertising their incomplete or completed designs over social media or any other public forum.

Once you, the client, have received the custom Sunshine Crafters but find you are not satisfied with the quality of the print, you may request a refund provided that 

  • the canvas has not been damaged
  • you have not started the project (ie: began dotting)
  • you still have all the tools

Please see the Terms & Conditions for further information.

We will not accept half/partly completed designs. If you have started dotting the design and are finding that it does not live up to your expectations then we will ask you to complete the design first before requesting a refund or a reprint.

Customs take three weeks for production from the date that Proof of Payment (PoP) has been received by Sunshine Crafters.

Contact for any questions you may have about custom paintings and copyrighted images.